As I write these words, it is approaching 8:00pm on Thanksgiving.

I have much to be grateful for.  Today was a lazy day – In retrospect, I would not have had it any other way.

My running partner encouraged me to begin the day with a turkey trot followed by mimosas with her boot camp fitness group, which I did.  I joined the Gut Check Fitness crew for their Annual Turkey Trot, followed by mimosas.  While the workouts they do may still seem kind of crazy, the people seemed very cool and I enjoyed the morning.  The way they talked about the boot camp workouts seemed strangely attractive and I may end up checking out some of these workouts on a Saturday morning here or there.

On my way and at home, I spoke with my grandfather, all of my immediate family and a few close friends.  While I have many acquaintances, my closest relationships are few.  I cherish the close relationships that I have and was able to spend much time today reflecting on how important they are to me.  These relationships are the driving forces in my life, shaping it into what it currently is and what it is yet to be.  I declined several invitations to family gatherings, as I initially planned on volunteering today.

However, I procrastinated on signing up for events until a week ago and the various churches I contacted were no longer accepting volunteers.  I learned that Thanksgiving is a day heavy on volunteers, as many “christmas / easter” types came out to volunteer en masse on Thanksgiving Day, apparently.  While this was disappointing, I decided to hit the local Chinese Buffet for large quantities of mediocre food.  This is precisely what I found.  I ate three plates of food and drank soda today as well.  It was very enjoyable.

While it may seem odd that I would turn down family gatherings to eat mediocre food in solitude, I rather enjoyed myself.  While eating, I received and exchanged more text messages with my friends and family – building anticipation for spending Christmas together with everyone for the first time in years.  I ate slowly and silently, accompanied by elderly couples, single parents with their young children and groups of young Asians in their early 20’s.

After eating more than my fill, I decided to go home and take a nap.  After napping to the Drone Zone in my warm bedroom, I watched the remainder of a movie that I began watching yesterday.  An old friend of mine suggested that I watch the movie, Zeitgeist, after listening to one of my recent socio-political rants.  I enjoyed the movie and thought that it was well written.  It was put together in a way that captured my attention and kept me interested throughout.  I suggest that you watch it and keep an open mind.

For several hours this afternoon, I spent time looking at various different medical alert bracelets.  Being an epileptic, having one of these has been something I used to wear and have been reconsidering as I have become recently more and more active.  However, it was also something I told myself I’d get around to “some day.”  After suffering a seizure during last week’s long run and thinking about it all during today’s 10k, I finally decided that “some day” was going to be today.

I looked at several different brands of medical id bracelets, but finally decided on the interactive My Road ID due to the comprehensive nature of the associated profile and customer testimonials.  My interest and desire to become more involved in extreme sports and activities seems to keep growing, so I figured I might as well stay as safe as possible while doing them…so I ordered two of these IDs today, because as they say – “two is one and one is none.”

After napping, watching a movie and finally ordering a medical bracelet, I find myself wanting to get “caught up” with my writing, completing one pomodoro…only to return for one more writing “session” today.  Lately, I’ve been a little grumpy – having suffered a seizure during a run last week.  But even with what seems like a minor setback, I can only think about how grateful I am with the recent medication change – which has allowed me to escape the feeling of being in a pharmaceutical haze for the past 20 years.

It is wonderful not feeling this and many other of the side effects experienced while taking Depakote.  However, the transition to taking this new medication has not been without it’s challenges.  Since changing medications, I am still learning how this medication reacts in my body as I continue to experience periodic seizures as I get accustomed to how it works for me.  This recent seizure, however was a bit more of a reality check for me…perhaps only because I find myself re-evaluating just about everything in life these days.

This writing pomodoro was spent reading up on the new medication and epilepsy in general.  I don’t understand epilepsy nor do I have any idea what caused it.  Based on all my reading and learning about the condition and I have some thoughts and ideas.  I have been unable to verify and validate any of these ideas, but this hunger for information has caused me to learn many things I likely wouldn’t have been exposed to.

All of this makes me feel very grateful for who and what I am.  What are you thankful for today?

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