“I dao, Qi dao”

Today, while watching and practicing along with one of my my favorite Qigong videos, Qigong for Stress Relief | GaiamTV – I paused to scribble down these words:

“A famous Chinese saying goes, ‘I dao, Qi dao’ – “where the mind goes, the Qi follows.” 

Yeah, yeah – there he goes again… It’s either some kind of socio-political rant or some heady, free-range bullshit he’s spewing out.  Well, god damn it, you should get a gold star for your powers of observation.

You see, the significance of this quote extends far beyond the points I will likely make over the course of this 25 minute pomodoro.  After performing my Qigong for Stress Relief practice, I utilized a search engine and did some quick research on this saying, “I dao, Qi dao.”

The very first link that came up referenced a document called, “15 Ways That Qi Can Change Your Life”.  While this would normally be insignificant and just part of my normal process of research and data mining, I found it to be quite significant.

This document is found on a website called http://www.drtaichi.com, which led me to do some exploring there.  Upon typing in that address in the navigation bar, I was re-directed to http://daviddorianross.com/, which is David Dorian Ross’ website.

David Dorian Ross not only wrote the document titled, “15 Ways That Qi Can Change Your Life,” but he also is involved with other Qi/Chi practice videos that can be found on http://www.gaiamtv.com/ – a site that has contributed greatly to my overall health and well-being.

The significance of this is that I have been “studying” under David Dorian Ross for several months now, so-to-speak, as I have been performing his AM Chi Practice videos daily for about the past 6 months.  I look forward to more research about Qi/Chi through his own personal site.

Even more significant is that the week leading up to The First Annual Caveman Classic 11/09/12 – 11/12/12 and the following two weeks, recovering from the stomach bug, left me all out of whack.  Moreover, there was Thanksgiving thrown into that mix as well.  Basically, the entire month of November was “non-routine.”  The “schedule” that I had become accustomed to changed.  This change My regular practice of qigong and stretching had declined.  I could “feel” it.

All of these activities coincided with a needed break from running that was taken for a week or so after the Temecula Half Marathon.  However, I am going into the third week of training for the San Luis Obispo Marathon, in April.  Until now, the mileage has not been substantial.  We will start increasing mileage weekly, cycling towards the goal in April.  As the challenge increases, my focus on a routine should be paramount, considering I function better with a routine and goals.

After 25 minutes of writing, I only feel like I am just getting started.  More to come later after dinner.  Perhaps a night of writing is in store.

Stay tuned.

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