Trying to get back into the routine…

So…last time, I wrote about the article and website by David Dorian Ross in addition to events throughout the crazy month of November.  In the last post, I wrote that “until now, the mileage has not been substantial. We will start increasing mileage weekly, cycling towards the goal in April. As the challenge increases, my focus on a routine should be paramount, considering I function better with a routine and goals.”

With this said, it may seem surprising that I had been considering moving out of my current house for various reasons.  I had actually made a verbal agreement with a girl who had a room available in Bay Park – but this fell through at the last minute.  While disappointing at first, I am certain that things happen for a reason and the more I can “be like water” the easier it will be to deal with the adversity that occurs in life.  Besides, trying to move during and after the holiday travel would be very stressful…so I should actually be grateful that it didn’t work out the way I had anticipated.

The long and short of it is that there had finally been some stability after all these recent transitions in life.  This stability was recently interrupted with the various events throughout the month of November. Now, I’m struggling to get back into as much of a rhythm as possible before the holiday travel for Christmas back east with the family.  While nice to see the family, there will be many stresses, including the change to my diet over the course of those two weeks.

As I spend another pomodoro writing and rocking out to Soma FM, I can only smile as I embrace the closest thing I’ve had to a “routine” in years.  My time is just about up for this pomodoro.  Perhaps I’ll check in later tonight, or maybe first thing in the morning.  Only time will tell.   Once again, after 25 minutes of writing, I only feel like I am just getting started.

Stay tuned.

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