On being a liberal…

I admit it…I am a liberal.

Yes, I could consider myself a classic liberal, just like Thomas Jefferson.

It’s true.  Many of our founding fathers were classic liberals.

For a great article on classic liberalism, read Classical Liberalism vs. Modern Liberalism.

This is a very enlightening article and changed my view on the real meaning of the word, “liberal.”

Today, most “liberals” subscribe to an agenda that very much differs from classical liberalism.

Most people in our society are too ignorant that they are completely unaware of our founders’ belief systems.

Moreover, they are ignorant of the very reasons why this country was formed in the first place.

Today, most “liberals” subscribe to an ideology that is more closely resembles socialism.

As we enter into more and more of a facist state our complacent and domesticated society accepts it.

The sheeple are being conditioned and dumbed down in our increasingly government run and funded decline.

Embrace true liberalism.  Return to our roots.  Restore the Republic.

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