57. Not Good Enough – YouTube

I did everything you asked of me and now I am not good enough?

I went to school…
studied long hours…
worked hard…

You told me how special I was and that if I just worked hard enough, I would be rewarded with the American dream. 

The dream we’ve come to know as the decent, paying job that would pull me up in the ranks of society…

You told me to invest in my education… but I have nothing but thousands of dollars in debt and a piece of paper that says I’m “smart.”

I did all of these things and now you say that I am not good enough?

The best jobs I can find are jobs which, not only DO NOT resonate with who I am, but make me feel underpaid, underappreciated, and with no purpose, place, or direction.

I cannot buy a house, a car, or even start a family…

But I now see what the problem is…

You wanted me to follow your path, because it benefits you.

Debt, consumerism, sacrificing family for work was something that worked for your generation.

I now see that unless we follow your path, your world will end.

Who would buy your assets?

Who would pay your social security?

Who would fight your wars?

Who would rent your properties if not my generation?

We see the big picture now and we are aware of how this world works.

We now see that listening to the inner voice that we all have inside of us, in order to pursue our dreams is the true path to becoming our best and highest self.

We may be caught in debt and a faltering economy, but we are young and smart and now our eyes are open.

We will work to correct the wrongs in this world.

We will turn the tide around and save this country, but it won’t be the way you want it to be; not by preserving the status-quo with more debt and death.

We will have the opposite consciousness as those that created this mess.

And we will create this world anew.

57. Not Good Enough – YouTube.

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