How I loathe writing and reality – Part III

Last pomodoro ended with me writing about people that are important in our lives.  Friend, family, lover, role model…someone.  “You loved that person.  Perhaps you never told that person you loved them.   Perhaps you did.  For the purposes of this story, it should be mentioned that for those of you that tell us you love us – thank you.  It makes us feel good.  While we may not return the words of love, know in your hearts that I truly love you as well.”

Those words I wrote and at the time, I was also planning on touching on how reality hits us in the face and in this case, it hit me as a result of a relationship with someone close to me.  This person had been a pretty significant part of my life for a fair amount of time.  I dated her for a period of time.  She holds a special place in my heart like no one else.  After a period of time passing with little to no correspondence, we have been communicating again.

Without going into detail about what exactly took place, perhaps you can relate to an analogy.  Have you ever heard a friend and/or co-worker describe a person to you and/or tell stories about that person?  As you hear these stories, your mind creates an image of what that person might look like in person.  Sometimes, when we finally have the opportunity to meet the person we have created in our minds, the reality of the person is much different than the reality we created in our minds.

I suspect you are wondering where I’m going with this.  Quite frankly, I’m wondering the same thing myself.  Ignorance is bliss.

Sometimes, these people that come into your life are far away.  You may meet up with them over the holidays or you may have correspondence with them via email.  Perhaps texting is your preferred method of communication.   Facebook?  Pick your poison…  Whatever the method of communication with this person…there is distance between you.  It is significant amount of distance.  Rather than write about the potential for comparison, I’ll continue.

There had been correspondence with this person and I began thinking about the future.  Being in my mid-thirties, I’m seeing many friends married and/or in committed relationships.  Many of those have kids and are raising a family.  I find myself re-evaluating my entire life at 34-35 years of age for a number of different reasons, including but not limited to having a family.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  You can call that reason Synchronicity, Tao, God, The Universe, Karma, whatever…

I am constantly re-evaluting my life and the people in it.  Often times I find myself communicating with people that are far away.  It is very challenging to maintain a long distance relationship with anyone on an intimate level.  Friends and family are relatively easy to maintain from a distance.  Sure, you may feel homesick at times and at times it may be feel unbearable.  The times that you re-unite with these people are wonderful.  For those of you that find yourself re-evaluting life, you may think back to situations where you spent time corresponding with some of these people in your past.

Pomodoro up.

Stay tuned.

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