How I loathe writing and reality – Part I


It is a blessing and a curse.  Writing is never something I’ve been good at, but then again…how does one measure the success of their writing?  Do countless notebooks that have since been thrown away count?  Does a trashy blog that no one gives a damn about count?  What in the hell does any of this matter?  I don’t know.  The subsequent pomodoros spent writing this Friday night can only tell.

Writing is a blessing and a curse.  Every time I have something on my mind that I need to reflect on, I write.  Often times, I make a quick post to follow up on later, during “designated writing times.”  However, these “designated writing times” seem to happen less frequently than I’d like, especially with the weather becoming nicer.  Ha!  I live in San Diego…many of you will say as you rightfully chide.  Weather aside, I’d like to think that I would make time for them to write, but lately – I seem to be failing in that category of things-to-do.

Tonight is different.  I have much on my mind and am fueling my thoughts with Maker’s Mark bourbon.  Wonderful.  What will likely follow is several pomodoros of nonsense with a side of lunacy and thrills for you readers.  Welcome to some insight on what will be my tortured soul revealed through the lens of inebriation – where our true colors really shine.  After another sip of incredibly strong drinks…please venture down the rabbit hole with me.

How far will you journey with me?

While I think that no one reads the trash I write, this fantastic WordPress dashboard allows me to view statistics and all this other crap about my blog.  This is really nice information, but since this particular blog serves no other purpose than a creative outlet for me to expand my overactive mind into…I rarely look at these statistics.  However, much like facebook or other social networking avenues – I do receive notifications when someone “likes” a blog post I have written.  I suppose my point is that people actually do read some of the horseshit that I spew out through my keyboard.  I pity their souls for wasting their precious time reading this trash.  There is much better material to read.  Go out there and read some of it.  More of what I like to read later…

As previously mentioned, tonight is different.  I began writing about my bourbon fueled thoughts and the fact that no one reads this.  However, the reality is that people do read this.  Sometimes, I hope certain people are reading this.  Sometimes, I hope they are not.  When I get extremely introspective like this, my writings become intentionally vague…as this is a public blog post and I sincerely do not want to offend or hurt anyone that may be the subject of the very things that are generating what is behind the very words that you read here and now.

With that said, this writing business helps me get out what I cannot in any other way.  More often than not, I can communicate my thoughts clearly and effectively to those I am communicating with.  While this is a good thing, it often confuses people.  More and more, people are becoming dumbed-down by reality television programming and everything else related but not limited to the media.

Some people think the manner in which I talk, write, communicate and/or ultimately express myself is offensive.  I sincerely believe people that think this way are idiots.  There is very little that I say that is truly offensive.   I like to believe that I point out facts and comment on reality.  I think independently and believe what I believe to be facts, only after doing my own research.  Too many people have become conditioned to become “parrots” – only repeating rhetoric and material that they have been conditioned to believe.

Pomodoro up.

Stay tuned.

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