Resurrection Day Reflections – Part 1

Today is Easter.

I opted out of attending church today.

There are many out there, friends and family alike that scorn me.  They sit and pass judgement about how I’m a bad Christian for not attending church on the most important day of the year.  Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn about you or your opinion.  Concern of other people’s opinion of me is becoming less and less of anything that I feel is appropriate to expend energy upon.

I have spent much too long of my life worrying about what other people may think about my behaviors, actions and words.  While I don’t believe myself to be outwardly provocative in every thought and deed – often times it seems to be in my nature to do so.  With that said, there are people that more and more see what I do and hear what I say and think it extreme.

Much of what is perceived to be extreme, simply is not.  It is a particular person’s perspective.  It is their thoughts and description that they make as they see it through their own individual lens of bias.  We are all biased and pass judgement upon others.  It is human nature to do so…it is good practice to try and not do this – but to simply not acknowledge this is sheer ignorance.
The point that I am trying to make is that many people quickly pass judgement on a particular situation without looking “beyond” and gathering more data.  There are many people that simply write off Christianity, laughing about people that believe The Bible to be the word of God.  There are many people that write off Jesus Christ being the son of God…let alone being resurrected from the dead.
Are you one of these people that has fallen victim to thought processes like this?  I say “fallen victim” because it is natural to think this.  Society conditions us to think this way.  However, that is another discussion for another time.  I have but one question for the people who have “fallen victim” to the questions above:
  1. Have you ever read and studied The Bible?

People that have not read and studied the bible are simply not qualified to have an opinion on the matter as to whether they believe the bible to be the Word of God.  It is as simple as this.  If you don’t agree with the previous statement, I suggest you stop reading and re-evaluate that statement.  Better yet, allow me to repeat:

People that have not read and studied the bible are simply not qualified to have an opinion on the matter as to whether they believe the bible to be the Word of God.

When I made the comment “society conditions us to think this way,” I meant that our public school systems facilitate an environment that grooms students to be rewarded for accurately regurgitating the information they are presented.  Children who question the system and/or have a different and individual system of learning are often labeled “problem children.”  Many times and more frequently these days, these children are labeled “ADHD.”  Far too often, we are quick to rely on pharmaceuticals as a “corrective measure” for the problematic behavior.  But I digress…

Today I opted out of church and will spend the time that I would spend dressing, driving and attending church writing a series of reflections, appropriately titled “Resurrection Day Reflections.”  I reckon I’ll spend a couple hours writing today, which often times can be a serious time of reflection for me.  I believe this deliberately meditative action would suffice and that the Lord himself could grant me “a pass” on this one.  Disagree?  Then pray for my tortured soul, for I sin worse than you.

I just figured this would be good…and I can avoid the masses at church (pun totally intended).  All the Christmas / Easter Christians will be out in full force to ensure that they get good and right with God until Christmas again.   I’ll be back visiting different churches beginning next Sunday.  Moreover, I’ll be back reading and studying the Bible each Wednesday with Dr. Bill Creasy as he hosts his Logos Bible Study course on Wednesday nights at a local church.

Pomodoro up.

Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Resurrection Day Reflections – Part 1

  1. I’m with you. I have read and lightly studied the bible (nothing too deep) and am fine with not attending mass. I have my beliefs, practice my own religion. I pray, I love, I help people when I can. Live a good life, breathe in every bit of goodness there is while you can. We never know when our judgement day may come.

    • I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Religion and politics are frowned upon as topics of discussion in public. The problems with society are due in part to people *not* discussion these things as frequently as we used to. It is important to engage in discussion about all of this, because at the root of it all is (like you said) living a good life and breathing in every bit of goodness while we can. We don’t know when our judgement day may come. I suppose I live a life in preparation for that day. Call me crazy, but it helps me life a better life – for when times get tough (or even if they don’t). Thanks for reading.

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