The Practice of Living – Part 1

Today is Monday, April 8 2013.  I took the day off work today.

I planned to use this day as a recovery day after running my first marathon yesterday.  The San Luis Obispo Marathon was a wonderful event for my first marathon.  What a beautiful area!  I am glad I decided to take the day off.  While not as sore as I expected, I am very grateful I’m able to spend the day relaxing.

After making a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs, I spent some time on the computer and facebook.  After an 8 month hiatus, I re-joined a week or two ago.  This has been on the increasing list of items to write about…but like many other of these topics, it will be tabled for the time being.

During the downtime this morning, one of the things I came across on facebook was the following photo:

Photo: "A practice is something you do indefinitely." Learn how to make running a practice.

“A practice is something you do indefinitely.” Learn how to make running a practice.

Like a good facebook user, I shared the photo with a brief comment that read, “I love this. I love the subsequent article even more. Enjoy.”  I took the time to read the article.  Since the article online was linked to facebook, I “shared” that article and wrote, “This connects with me on so many different levels. I share with you because I suspect it will resonate with you as well. Stay tuned for subsequent blog posts about “practice” in our daily lives.”  These words that you are reading are the “subsequent blog posts.”

This article that the above photo had linked to in the caption was titled, Make Running a Practice and was featured on the Chi Walking website.  I would suggest checking out everything that I link to if you have the time.  As I read the article and like I posted on the facebook, there was so much there that resonated with me.  Due to this, I felt the need to bang out a few pomodoro writing sessions on this slow day of recovery.

Because so much resonated with me, I find myself wanting to “break down” the article and share exactly how this resonates with me.  Many of my friends and family are complimenting me on the completion of this marathon and asking me how I did it.  I set a goal and worked towards it.  I held myself accountable.  Pretty simple.  However, much of my “training” for the marathon is simply one of many different steps taken during the process of making significant life changes, but I digress.

Getting back to the article, it began by providing the definition of the word “Practice.”  Immediately, this resonated with me, because often times, I find myself trying to communicate with someone, but am challenged.  This seems to be happening more and more frequently as I get older for reasons I’ll have to consider when I return…

Pomodoro up.

Stay tuned.


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