14 days and counting…

…since I have last written.  I have a laundry list of “items to cover” and “things to do.”

Like many people, I often find myself thinking:

  • If only I had the time to do that…
  • If only I had the money to buy that…
  • If only I had the motivation to achieve that…
  • If only ad nauseum…

If only we all took time to reflect on the abundance that we have.  If  only we viewed the world through the lens of gratitude.  If only we allowed ourselves to embrace the fear that is the primary driver of the decisions that we make and the actions that we take.  If only…

This morning, I find myself in front of the computer, drinking coffee and preparing to process my “notes” in Evernote.   Evernote has become my tool of choice (in addition to Moleskine notebooks) for the capture of information and data.  It is great and I have covered this in previous blog posts so I will refrain from doing so at great lengths here.  If you’re interested in time/task management and overall efficiency of operations and nerdy stuff like this, I’d encourage you to check out The Secret Weapon.

Before diving into this, I found myself relaxing and exchanging messages with a friend of mine via facebook.  As anti-facebook as I have been and will likely remain – I am grateful for the technology.  It allows me to connect with people in ways I would not normally be able to.  For example, this message exchange with my friend took place while he was on a business trip in India.  The best part about technology is that he was able to utilize Skype to call me and talk as if we were having coffee together.

We are likely some 8,000 miles apart from one another, yet remain connected.  Even if we were not blessed with the technology that allowed us to share the experience this morning, we would still share the connection.  This is why we have remained friends over the past seven or eight years.  This “connection” is why I have retained the friendships that I have…the lack of “connection” is the reason why I have not maintained other relationships.  It is important to recognize this.  This process of editing relationships is explained much better by Jon Acuff in the little movie trailer from his new book, “Start.”  Check it out here.

This “connection” is key.

This “connection” is unique.

How do YOU define the connection?

Does this even matter to you?

We go thorough life seeking “connections” in our lives.  We want to find the “connection” in our relationships.  We seek to find the “connection” in our careers.  All too frequently, we fail to realize that we make no “connection” unless we build the bridge and form the “connection” with ourselves first.  Before this turns into another philosophical existential rant, I will conclude my writings and save you the mental energy from trying to digest the trash that I churn out from behind the keyboard.

My pomodoro timer has just buzzed.  I hope that another 14 days will not pass before I sit to write again.  I have a laundry list of things I want to cover ranging from my return to facebook, the marathon I just ran, recent camping trip to Joshua Tree, preparations for adventures in subsequent months – all this in addition to the normal musings and reflections on the life that I lead and attempt to share  with those that wish to be a part of it.  For now, I’ll simply conclude with one final quote…

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.
– Henry David Thoreau

What lies within you?

Stay tuned.

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