The Joshua Tree Full Moon Experience (Part 1)

During my vacation in Joshua Tree, I deliberately decided *not* to write.

However, after one particular experience, I decided that I needed to “capture the moment” and my ideas at the time.  This way, I could reflect upon them later in my normal manner.  I arrived back at my campsite, pulled out my handy-dandy iPhone and “captured the moment” for about 10 minutes or so with some text and audio entries within Evernote.  11 days after my return, here I am…taking time to write and chronicle my Joshua Tree Experience, likely to be written in 4 parts (pomodoros) this evening.

Before I begin expanding about the sheer aweseomeness that this Joshua Tree trip was, it is important for me to provide a little bit of back story…

While living in California, I decided that a weekend spent camping in Joshua Tree National Park under a full moon was something not to be missed.  April seemed like a good time to go, as the weather was a bit more moderate.  Nights were cool and the days were hot, but not unbearable.  I hoped that the skies stayed clear for full moon viewing and exploring the high desert.

Originally, I had scheduled this April Full Moon Camping Trip several months ago.  The full moon was Thursday, 04/25/13 and my original plan was to leave work Wednesday night and arrive around 7pm to secure my campsite for the weekend.  Thursday night was the full moon.

A few weeks before my scheduled trip, I re-joined facebook (still to be written about) and was subsequently contacted by an old friend who I hadn’t spoken with in months.  Without going into great detail, we exchanged a few messages, had a few phone calls and before I knew it, my friend was coming to visit the weekend before my Joshua Tree camping trip, arriving Friday and departing Wednesday.  I decided to take the entire week of of work and for the first time in my life, utilize my vacation time during the year – rather than stockpiling it for the holidays.  My goal is to be able to walk away from a few things at the end of the year…one of which is my job as I return to Ohio.  More on that later.

The bottom line is that the visit from my friend fell through, so I took advantage of the time off and had a mini stay-cation at the house and left a day early for Joshua Tree.  I left on Wednesday and would stay there until Saturday.  I wanted to be back by Saturday night because REI in San Diego was having one of their quarterly “garage sales” with lots of great deals on discount gear.  I needed a roof rack for my car and wanted a few other things.

Here we are, one pomodoro in on the writing, and I didn’t even get into processing my note from the weekend.  Oh well, pomodoro up.

Stay tuned.

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