Action Always Beats Intention – Part 1

“My name is Rob.


I am just like you.


Seemingly always at a point of transition in my life even when stable – I delicately balance the good and the bad in life.  When good, I try not to celebrate too heavily and when bad, I try to view the experience as a learning opportunity.  This is easier said than done.

I claim to be neither an optimist nor a pessimist, but I strive to be a realist.  These attempts at realism are fairly new to me.  It is an interesting perspective to strive to achieve.  My observations lead me to believe that this is also a perspective that many people don’t seem to gravitate towards.

Spirituality resonates with me on a deeply personal level and is a significant part of my life.  I was born and raised as a Christian.  During my late teens and early twenties, I was introduced to various other worldly religions and cultures.  I would grow away from and return to the church repeatedly.

Approximately 5 years ago, I set out on my career path and began climbing the corporate ladder.  After several successful years and promotions – I stumbled upon love and gave up my current career to move across the country to try and grow the relationship…only for it to fail.  I am learning a lot about myself.

One of the things I have learned is that I have a core set of values.  These values and moral code are driving factors which form the beliefs that I have.  These beliefs factor into the decisions that I make and the actions that I take in life.  I learn and try to act accordingly.  I make many mistakes, often repeatedly.

When I repeat mistakes, I feel that it is because there is lesson to be learned – and I continue making these “mistakes” until the lesson is learned.  In learning these life lessons, I developed a belief that the corporate ladder and the “normal” life is perhaps not the life for me.  It felt like a game.

Recently, I began to believe that I am merely a pawn in game of life.  This realization is what set me free.  The simple acknowledgement of this allows me to more effectively play the game, for now I have a strategy in mind and am living deliberately in an attempt to play the game efficiently.

Relationships have come and gone, love once lost had now been found…only to be lost again.  After a period of stability in life I am preparing for another period of transition on many different levels.

I will be working on a short-term project for my company for the next 6-12 months and will be on the road again.  When this project is complete, I will likely quit my job and START living the way I have always been afraid to…well, that is the plan, at least.  We’ll see what happens.

As this plan unfolds in front of my eyes, I find myself here…writing an introduction to share with YOU.  We don’t know each other, but I suspect my words resonate with you as much as YOUR words have resonated with ME.  I look forward to sharing all these experiences with you.  Here we go!”

I recently became part of “The Start Experience” through facebook via Jon Acuff.  This is a cool “group” on facebook and I am glad to be part of it, even though I loathe social media…but now, I’m beginning to question why I loathe it.  Perhaps it is my stubborn way, desperately wanting to cling to the simplicity of “the way things used to be” when the reality is that times will always change…it is up to me to adapt and overcome the adversity.  It is up to me to be proactive about the creation of change…t is time for me to START.

This attitude is what eventually led me to the book that I just completed reading recently.  This book and its’ subsequent social group of roughly ~2500 people via this facebook group are prompting the writing.  I have since to write about my return to social media after an ~8 month hiatus.  My return was back in April, just one week before successfully running my first marathon in San Luis Obispo.  As I write this, it is July 7, 2013.  I have written less during these past 3 months – it leaves me wanting.  Wanting to write more and then feeling bad when I simply hadn’t created the time too…it is time for me to START.

Regardless of the reason for declined writing, it is time for me to START.   Relationships come and go and life happens on life’s terms.  Often times, these events appear to happen randomly – life throws us a curveball sometimes.  How we react to the adversity and capitalize on the opportunities that are there helps us become who we are.  Before allowing these thoughts to go “too wild” or out of control, it is important to remember that today’s writing is going to be deliberate, with an objective.  I’ve been thinking about doing this exercise for a couple of weeks now before taking action…it is time for me to START.

Reading on my old-school kindle, I am referencing some “practical, tactical steps you can take.”  Unfortunately, I don’t know how to pull up the page number of the book, but my kindle tells me that these steps are “84%” of the way through the book.  Please excuse my inability to operate my electronic book.  Perhaps I’ll try to learn the ins and outs of the device for future ease of reference – but for now we’ll have to deal with my hilarious attempts at describing what I’m actually referencing.

Step 1 was to buy a journal.  “You’ll keep walking in circles unless you document your experience.”  For me, I had been actively journaling and blogging for the past 12 months.

Pomodoro Up.

Stay Tuned.

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