Action Always Beats Intention Part 4

Fear masquerades as new because it wants you to waste energy looking for a new way to fight it.  Now that we know we’ve seen it before, we can look for a successful tool we’ve used in the past to combat it.  What’s something that has worked for you before that could work for you today?

Previously, we discussed that making observations in order to identify patterns in life can help us effectively find and identify the best solution.  For me, the best and most successful tool I have in my possession brings me back to Step 1 with the journal.  While I had been an aspiring writer for about 20 years, or the bulk of my adult life…I have remained aspiring.  As we know, by the titles of my blog posts today,  Action Always Beats Intention. 

For me, the best way to learn this was to engage in more regular practice of the act of writing.  Since I wanted this change, I was ready to take some drastic measures in order to do this.  I began a hiatus from all social networking.  The idea was to devote most of the time I wasted on social media, towards writing and journaling my experiences while doing so. 

Pomodoro up.

Stay tuned.

This experiment lasted me approximately 8 months.  During this time, I became a runner and trained for a marathon.  I decided to re-join the Facebook world a week before my marathon so I could proudly announce my success in training and publicize my marathon.  Here I am 3 months after my marathon (to the day) finally writing about something I’d been meaning to write about (my return to facebook).  Besides procrastinating, I am pleased to say that I have met or exceeded my original goal of writing about my return to facebook.  I am pleased with my social network experience.  It compliments my real network experience.  I still write and continue to find inspiration everywhere.  Currently, my inspiration is from the book, Start – by Jon Acuff. 

Step 7:

Identify a “mirror friend,” someone who will reflect the truth of your experience back to you.  This is a friend who will listen and then help you see the situation you’re in for what it really is.

My gut reaction is that my “mirror friend” is in Asheville, North Carolina.  We’ve known each other for approximately 7 or 8 years.  This was my immediate reaction when I read the description of what a “mirror friend” is.  The other person that came to mind was an old high-school sweetheart of mine.  We’ve stayed in touch over the past 20 years and have remained friends to this day.  What a blessing to have two people that I can consider to be “mirror friends”

The rest of the book “Start” goes on and lists 10 steps to take in order to PUNCH FEAR IN THE FACE.  Rather than detail out the remaining 2 steps, for the sake of time, I’m going to simply suggest that you read the book.  It’s damn good.  Good enough that you should put whatever you’re reading on the back burner for now.  This book has the potential to be a game changer for anyone that has the courage to pick it up and read it.  You will want to escape average and do work that matters.  You will want to START.  Are you ready for it?

After 10 steps on how to PUNCH FEAR IN THE FACE there is another subsequent list of steps to go through in order to ESCAPE AVERAGE.  As I continue this writing another day, this is where I’ll pick up and start.  It appears as though this is 85% through the book (according to my kindle).  This will be a good place to pick up. 

At the very least, the conclusion of today’s writing will be concluding approximately 2 hours of focused time spent writing.  With the hectic lives we lead these days, it is important to take time each week to reflect on the hectic lives we lead.  This reflection helps us identify what is important.  Identification of what is important helps us do work that matters.  Doing work that matters is how we “get off the path to average and back onto the path to awesome.”  It is time for me to START.

I thought I had reached a bomber conclusion to my writing…but the Pomodoro Timer indicates otherwise.  However, just like many other things – the pomodoro technique is great for providing structure to our approach…but no structure should be so rigid that it fails to accommodate change.  The above writing provides a great conclusion to four pomodoros spent writing today, in my humble opinion. 

With that said, I will take advantage of the opportunity to show my gratitude for the opportunity to write these words and share them with you, my readers.  My only hope is that for the people that actually go as far as to read the posts that I write on this blog…is that my words have a positive and uplifting impact on you.  One of my hopes is that this blog can be one of many ways I can create healthy, positive and beneficial change in the world and inspire you to do the same in your own unique way.

It is time for us to START.

Stay tuned.

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