On feeling comfortable…

OK, the phone is in airplane mode.  I turned off the music.  I turned on simplynoise.  I prefer the pink noise.

Anyways, I had recently written about The Start Experiment.  It’s been 6 days since I last wrote, but am feeling inspired tonight after reading multiple people post their own blog posts.  The reality is that I really haven’t read very many of them.  There were a few that I checked out – you know…people I’ve made connections with, but in large part – if you have a blog, it’s highly unlikely that I’ve read it.  Sorry, that’s the law of probabilities with people like ourselves that are a part of The Start Experiment.

And…here we go.  That previous statement likely offended some people out there.  Tough shit.  Get over it and yourself.  The fact that I’m cursing in my blog posts probably offends the hell out of some other people out there.  Life is sometimes offensive.  Life is also tough.  Life sometimes can be all about adversity.  People like ourselves choose not to be defined by the adversity that life sometimes presents us with…rather we choose to define ourselves by the manner in which we handle the adversity.  

Wow!  Such profound statements instantaneously come from presumptions of my blog posts being offensive?  Yes.  Does this make sense?  No.  Is there anyone that even wastes their time reading my blog?  Perhaps.  The laws of karma dictate that it would probably be good form for me to read at least a few other blogs as well.  The reality is that there have been three blogs from people in The Start Experiment that really caught my attention.  I actually took the time to add them to my “to_read” list.  

Why not simply read them as I see them?  Well, the reality is – facebook can be a major timesuck.  This is a harsh reality that we all deal with.  This is precisely why I wrote an angry rant last year and decided to take a hiatus from facebook.  This break lasted approximately 8 months and was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.  I will likely repeat again in the future sometime.  Anyways, back to the question of why I don’t simply read what comes across my screen as it comes across my screen?

Time is precious.  I simply cannot address everything in my life as it comes to me.  I have to be selective.  As I think about this very principal, I am reminded of Jon Acuff’s video about his book, Start: check it out here.  Like Jon talks and write about, I am in the editing phase of my life right now more than ever.  I’m 35 years old.  I am about to leave where I live for 6-12 months on a project and life in hotels again.  I am eliminating things from my life and reevaluating everything.  Over the past couple of years, I have edited the hell out of my life.  I recently made a plan to START living my dreams.

Ironically, I stumbled across Jon Acuff’s book, Start.  Actually, this is not ironic at all.  I’m sure that this statement resonates with someone out there.  It’s highly likely that the person that this statement resonates with isn’t reading my blog.  Chances are, they are too busy living their life and trying to document the hell out of it just like me for reasons that likely resonate with me as well.  It’s a mad, mad world we live in and here we are…exploring how deep the rabbit hole goes as we move forward with The Start Experiment. 

So far, my experiences with this whole thing have exceeded my expectations.  Well, the reality is that I really didn’t have any expectations.  As I am doing more “editing” now than anything else, I feel that because I am heavily editing at this stage in my life, I am merely processing the information as it comes to me.  Often times, I feel almost overwhelmed by all of this information – but it is not overwhelming.  I feel comfortable with the amount of information and the manner in which I am processing it.  

I feel comfortable because for once in my life, the idea of “life happening on life’s terms” seems to be working out.  I feel comfortable because for once in my life, I don’t feel alone with the fears that I have.   I feel comfortable because for once in my life I am sharing my innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions with YOU.  I feel comfortable knowing that you are experiencing similar emotions in a similar way with your own unique experiences.  I feel comfortable knowing that there is a power greater than myself that seems to be “guiding” all of this along.  I feel comfortable as I try to be like water.

Pomodoro up.

Stay tuned.

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