Day 3 – Finding Superstars and Living Deliberately (Part I)

Day 3

Well, The Start Experiment is going well.  At first, I felt a little overwhelmed by “taking this on.”  I say that with big air quotes because for me, the risk I’m taking is nothing more than a little bitty goal.  Basically, I am using The Start Experiment as an excuse to procrasinate a little less on something that I had already been planning.  I wish I could insert audio into the text, there’s a sound that I hear on one of the talk radio shows I listen to that would be so appropriate right now…but alas, I have neither the time nor the inclination to dig up said soundclip.  With the advent of the interwebs here, I could likely do this in less than five minutes, but unlike so many of us mindless zombies these days, I attempt to do things deliberately at times…writing these words right now is one of these times where I am living deliberately.

So what…and what the hell do I mean by living deliberately?  Shit.  Living deliberately is writing a blog that has no real and clear defined purpose for the simple fact that doing so and making these obvious observations may one day assist me as I continue living in a manner contemplating what said purpose actually is in life?  Yes.  That’s part of it.  Living deliberately is also simply refusing to provide a substantial answer to a question and challenging you to provide me with way in which you would define it.  At that point, we are having an intelligent discussion.  This is the good shit.

Speaking of intelligent discussion, I just left an intelligent “discussion” via facebook with someone from The Start Experiment.  Not knowing the formalities of blogging and not really knowing this person, I’ll simply keep it anonymous right now.  I’m sure I’ll figure all this stuff out as I continue writing and maintaining this blog.  Whatever.  I won’t even take the time to find audio sound bites on the interwebs. 

At any rate…this person from facebook began commenting about a post I had made regarding homesteading.  I actually got a fair amount of response about this post, but began exchanging messages and blogs with one person in particular.  The Start Experiment has been great!  This is a wonderful way to network with people that you normally might not cross paths with.  The nature of “the experiment” brings us all together with the common thread of the author and/or the book, Start.

While I was complaining earlier about not wanting to write and wanting to simply go to bed, I think about the amount of material that I have churned out since the timer began and the fact that if I wasn’t actually involved in The Start Experiment that I probably would have just gone to bed.  One of the many beautiful things of The Start Experiment is the fact that I have a little bit of motivation to share my life with others.  Earlier today, through this network on facebook, I was asked to share my story of how I lost 60 pounds and then trained for and successfully ran a marathon and how this transformed my life.  

The ability to share life experiences with one another is in large part what makes The Start Experiment what it is.  Sharing life experiences with one another is simply something that we have gotten away from in life.  Sharing life experiences with one another is human.  We are allowing ourselves and our society to get away from our own humanity.  Candy Crush Saga controls our lives and we are fascinated by television programs of cool lifestyles rather than taking that time to forge our own.

While I seriously doubt people share the same “insane” views of society that I do, the people at The Start Experiment are sharing one common thread with each other.  Life experience.  This sharing life experiences with one another in the many different ways that people are doing so is human.  We are all engaging with one another deliberately.  This is the restoration of humanity in a microcosm.  The microcosm can become macro if we would simply stop trying to force it and simply let it.  It is not our place to control, yet empires throughout history have been built and wrecked seeking the very thing that they will never have.  It is like the goose and the golden egg.  

The pomodoro timer just went off but I’m on a roll…coming back for more in 5.

Stay tuned.


Bring this back to the start experiment


Day 3: Find Some Superstars

Chances are, regardless of what your risk is, someone else has already done it.  Today’s task is to find 1-3 people who have accomplished what you’re aiming for during these 24 days.  Research them online and see what you can learn from the trail they have already blazed.


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