Playing with Ketchup (Part 2)

Day 7: Let’s Quit

Sometimes it’s hard to do the right things because we haven’t quit the wrong things yet. Today, I want you to make a “quit list.” What are 3-5 things you can quit doing today that will open up more time, energy or hope for your dream?

Not sure what happened with the copy / paste above, nor do I care.

So…the “task” of 13 days ago was to make a “quit list” comprised of 3-5 things that you can quit doing today in order to open up more time, energy or hope for my dream.  At first, I struggled with this and may have even posted something in the group about this.  Most likely it was some whiny post that said something to the effect of, “Wah.  I can’t come up with a list.”  I post things on there sometimes to get attention because I lack it in other areas of my life.  Like many people, I hunger for it.  I am shameless enough to admit it though.

The reality is that I had a list of several things and had been stewing on this list for quite some time.  Just a couple months ago, I was in a relationship with a girl.  I’ll call her Susan.  I met Susan on a dating site called Plenty of Fish.  I had tinkered with this website a few years ago, gone on a few dates and had some fun.  I even dated a girl for several months on account of the site.  Most interactions were a few message exchanges before I realized just how ignorant, stupid and/or shallow most people on these sites are.

But…like a moth to a flame, I am continually drawn back to the online dating arena.  Like a moth to a flame, I typically get burned.  The reality is that the online dating scene and the subsequent burn is not simply due to the fact that it is online.  Many people scoff at the idea of online dating.  I was one of them for quite some time.  One of my best friends met his wife online.  They are still married and have a child.  Another one of my best friends openly frequents dating sites and has met a wonderful woman as well.

These days, I am less concerned about people’s perception of the online dating scene.  However, these days I find myself frequently giving zero shits about much of what anybody thinks about what I do and they types of behavior I engage in.  I have been called every name in the book from arrogant and closed minded to timid and open minded.  Hell, I’ve even been called a liberal, pot-smoking hippie by some of my family members.  Some of them think I’ve gone off the deep end.  In a sense, I have.  They just don’t know how…nor do they care.  Judgmental people that are quick to draw conclusions on others with little to no information on which they form their opinions can go to hell.  I simply don’ t have time for that.  Accordingly, I find myself slowly editing these people out of my lives…or they simply edit me out of their lives.  I’m satisfied either way.

How I went off on this tangent is beyond me, but with the manner in which I write and the manner in which my mind operates, this is really par for the course.  Welcome to my blog and the musings of an eccentric and nameless wayfarer.  A few paragraphs ago, I began writing about “Step 7” and making a quit list…then I digressed into a discussion about a girl I was dating.  Ah…yes – I have regained my wandering thoughts.  I was madly in love with this girl.  She was incredible.  I took a week long trip up to Joshua Tree after some other vacation plans fell through.  I was originally going to go up to Joshua Tree in April for the full moon which was in the latter half of the week, but due to the other plans I had for the beginning of the week falling through – I decided to go up there early.

This girl, lived in Palm Springs at the time, near Joshua Tree.  I was intrigued by this girl, because at that time, I had created this lunatic profile on POF as accurate as possible, reflecting every eccentric fiber of my being.  I simply laid it all out there and figured that no one would even respond to it.  I initially created this profile in January or February and had made up my mind to return to my home state of Ohio in order to be closer to my family.  I made this completely insane profile which was 100% accurate in it’s description of yours truly.  For a couple months, it just floated around out there.  No one contacted me.  I contacted a few pretty girls and tried to lure them closer with my wit and charm – yet they took one look at my profile and that seemed to terminate the exchange of messages.  Then one day…I got a message from Susan.

She was beautiful.  She had visited many of the places that I had visited (Western North Carolina) in particular.   Moreover, she was athletic.  She had completed several marathons and triathlons.  She had traveled extensively internationally.  She was interested in self-reliance and homesteading.  She sent *me* a message and wanted to meet *me* – I was stunned that a woman like this even existed in this world.  She was beautiful.  At that time, I was living in San Diego, which was several hours from Palm Springs.  We began exchanging messages and then I asked her if she’d like to have a “phone date” – she agreed.  We spoke on a Friday night as she drove to Yuma to visit her father who lived there.  We spoke for the entire duration of her drive there which was approximately three hours.   It was amazing, I felt like I was in high school again.

Pomodoro up.

Stay tuned.

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