Did I find you or did you find me?

One week since my last post…much time writing as I spend time playing “catch up” – hence the titles of the last five blog posts…”Playing with Ketchup.”

Here we are…inspired to write with new people entering into the growing world we call The Start Experiment.

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While I didn’t quite achieve my goal / risk I set for myself about 4 weeks ago…something incredible has happened to me.

I write this post during the hour as I standby and wait for THE FIRST PERMACULTURE VOICES SHOUT – A PERMACULTURE WEBINAR to begin…

Permaculture Voices Shout - Small

While I may not have accomplished my risk…the fact that I am about to join this webinar indicates to me that I truly *am* in the process of changing my life.

Over the past 24 days as part of The Start Experiment – I have been part of a collective with many people that are doing the same thing.  We are change.

Writing these words with 45 minutes remaining until the start of the webinar has me feeling overwhelmed with emotion for so many different reasons…

Allow me to explain.  I am not overwhelmed in a “freak out” type of way…rather I am overwhelmed in a good way.  I am allowing myself to experience the life that I have been blessed with.  In a way…it almost feels like this is the first time, I’ve allowed myself to do this – but the reality is that it is not.  I have been overwhelmed with emotion several times before.  The times that stick out to me most are the times where I’ve fallen deeply into love, experienced deep connections during worship services and especially while connecting with God and the universe while out in nature.  Often times, the more remote places I’ve been – the deeper the connections were felt.  Each time, I felt as thought I found the one thing that I’d spent my entire life looking for…

However…as the days passed beyond each of those experiences – I found myself seeking that experience again.  Each time I thought I’d found that one thing…I seemed to lose it.

As I spent time (wasted time) on facebook this morning, I found the above link.  Ironically enough…one of “us” in The Start Experiment posted it.

I watched this little video clip, shared it on my own page and felt inspired to write…so here we are.  (Also, there is nothing ironic about the above)

Everything happens for a reason.  There is a reason you are reading my blog right now.  There is a reason that you are here right now.

These reasons are beyond us and we will never understand.  One day – I believe that we will…but it is not in this world – because we are not of this world…

Before I digress as is my normal custom…I was writing “as the days passed beyond each of those experiences – I found myself seeking that experience again.  Each time I thought I’d found that one thing…I seemed to lose it.”  This is not quite accurate.  What I’ve learned is that each of those experiences and each of ALL our life experiences gets us closer to discovering that one thing.  It’s different for each of us…and that one thing will only be presented to the ones who are on the path seeking it.  The ones who trod through life as apathetic zombies will never find it…

…unless they allow themselves to become open enough to experience life enough to discover the realization of the human potential.  This is where we come in.  If you are reading these words, you understand the power and the magnificence of the human potential.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have an iPhone and I use it regularly.  I have also spent obscene amounts of time watching television and engaging in behaviors that really are not the most healthy, positive and beneficial behaviors.  I am imperfect.  I am human.

However, the past 24 days has proven that I am also much more than that.  I began to realize my own potential when I realized that I am merely a pawn in the game.   I am merely a cog in the machine.  I am merely one part that comprises the system.  However you choose to define “the game” or “the machine” or “the system” is up to you.  I’m not here to try to indoctrinate you with the belief systems that I have formed for myself over the 35 years of my life…but I am here to encourage you to begin believing three things:

  • You are more than “a pawn.”
  • You are more than “a cog.”
  • You are more than “a part.”

We are all so much more than what we have spent the majority of our lives believing that we are.  Over the past 24 days, this belief has never been more evident to me than it is right now…as new people begin injecting themselves into The Start Experiment.  Tears still streaming down my face as I furiously try to collect every thought that passes as I try to share them with you…alas, it is the curse of the writer.  We will never be able to share the visions that comprise our dreams…but we must continue to try.

For the entire bulk of your life – you have been conditioned to believe you are something that you are not.  Regardless of your background, schooling, childhood – there was always someone or some thought in your life telling you that you weren’t good enough.  There was always some voice telling you that you couldn’t.  There was always some medical condition that you had that prevented you from believing that you could do something that you always dreamed you could do.  There’s always something.

For years, I fell victim to this conditioning myself.  Over the past few years (for a number of different reasons) I began to break the mold that I had grown into.  I began to break free of the chains that bound me.  I was no longer a victim.  I was beginning to truly live.  I began to experience true freedom for the first time in my life.

My only hope for those of you that are reading this is that you either have…or are on the cusp of discovering this for yourself.  No longer do you have to be subject to the systems of control that want you to be a pawn.  No longer do you you have to be an interchangeable and dispensable cog in the machine.  No longer do you have to be restrained by the dreams and visions that have been provided to you.  It is time for you to experience true freedom.  It is time for you to truly live.  It is time for us to START.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

Stay tuned.



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