Do or do not…there is no try

After a relaxing morning of sleeping in, a mild workout and some mediocre breakfast tacos…I sit to write.

Today, my parents are working the Medina County Farmer’s Market and I’ve spent a bit of time updating the facebook page for them.  I am incredibly proud of my parents and feel blessed to be working my way back to Ohio to help them continue growing their farm and living the dream that began several years ago.

Last week, I continued writing about The Start Experiment and the fact that I fell so far behind on my writing about it.  The reality is that my “goal” or my “risk” that I took on as part of the start experiment really had nothing to do with writing.  The writing and subsequent documentation was a side item of this whole “experiment.”  As I sit here and look at my growing email inbox with all the “daily tasks” building and building…I’ve decided to switch gears with my writing this morning.

At almost 10 minutes into the writing this morning with this blog post…I’m going to shift gears and spend the duration of the pomodoro actually focused on my goal/risk for this round of The Start Experiment.  Here we go…

Stay Tuned.

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