Random Thoughts On Being Human (Part 3)

In a Boston Globe article written last January (seen here), we read about the growing culture of impatience and how it makes us crave more and more instant gratification.  As a matter of fact, the name of the article itself actually is “The growing culture of impatience makes us crave more and more instant gratification.”  Check it out…if you have the patience to actually read something, that is…

Speaking of this “culture of impatience” – this brings me back full circle to what I initially began writing about approximately an hour ago.  Snacks and immediate gratification.  After making the trip out to buy these gas station crap and then returning home to buy a new book…I stayed up late reading the new book (it’s a good one) and eating the hell out of this overly processed food like products I am referring to as “snacks.”  Need I remind you again to watch a video “On Being Human…?”

Eventually, I fell asleep – only to wake up at 3:30am or so this morning to get up and take a piss.  A couple of beers followed by a bunch of salty snacks washed down by some whole milk and some water had me needing to pee in the middle of the night.  I jumped back into my Cocoon sleep sack, tossed and turned for a few minutes and then…yes, I grabbed my phone.  Normally, I would simply roll over and go back to sleep, but I realized that the extra consumption of water on account of all the salty snacks led me to get up to pee in the middle of the night.

These thoughts led me to thinking about the series of events that led up to writing these damn blog posts in the first place.  This shit bothered me, which led to my tossing and turning.  At that time, I thought to myself that these thoughts would make excellent fodder for the blog that I write about, except for the fact that it wasn’t even 4am – it was a little early to get up and begin writing.  It didn’t seem like a normal thing to do…getting up at that time of night to simply write a bunch of trash that no one reads in the first place…did it?

Since when have I ever accepted normal?

When I turned 30, I tried to make the shift towards normal.  I tried to work for a big corporation.  I got a job at “ground level” and began working my way up the corporate ladder.  I wanted a career.  I wanted a house.  I wanted a car.  I wanted a wife.  I wanted to be normal.  I began seeing my friends getting married and having children.  I so desperately wanted to become normal.   Several years after entering this world or normal, I “gave it all up” in the name of chasing love and followed my heart across the country.  While these dreams of love didn’t work out the way that I had expected them to…I finally did something right.  I followed my heart.  My heart led me out there.  In my heart of hearts, I knew that my life would be filled with regret if I didn’t give it a chance.

What’s the point?  I’ve never accepted normal.  I’ve tried to on numerous occasions, though.  I’ve tried to fit the mold that society wants us all to conform to…but the reality is that this has always been challenging for me.  I can sit here and write about all the various ways that I am different from you and everyone else out there, but the reality is that “normal” has probably been equally challenging for you as well.

While we’re all different and unique individuals, we’re all really no different at all from one another.  We’re all humans and despite the diversity we all embrace and share, the common ground we have is unmistakable.  We are all human beings and we have all evolved into what we are in this very moment.  There is no denying the beauty that is humanity.  It truly is incredible.

Pomodoro up.

Stay tuned.

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