One day, I’ll tell my story.

Until it’s time to tell my story, I’ve got several decisions to make.  One of the decisions I could make is to continue climbing the corporate ladder upon completion of the current project I’m working on.  Doing this could likely lead me down the road I’ve been on for the past 6 years with this company.

This particular service line of our company has been growing steadily for the past 10 years.  We are highly profitable and are not only respected within the company we work for and the industry that we work in.  Middle management could lead to upper management and beyond.  The sky is the limit.

This is a viable option and one that sounds very appealing at times.  The benefits have been good and would likely continue to get better as I put in additional time with the company.  I’d be issued an iPhone and an iPad in addition to the snazzy laptop I currently have.  The company car sure isn’t bad, either.

Another option would be to complete the current project I’m working on and quit my job.  I’ll likely be financially stable at the end of the project.  Debt free and with a minimum of three months in savings set aside, a la Dave Ramsey.  I might even have enough set aside to fix up my 17 year old Subaru.

After quitting my job, I could help my parents continue the work they’ve recently started on their own dream (starting a farm).  I could lease a parcel of their land and begin homesteading and implementing the Permaculture principles I’ve been learning about.  I could live a dream I’ve had since college.

These are tough decisions to make, but today I received an email from Jon Acuff challenging me “to think about where your story is leading. (Donald Miller writes a lot about that idea.) Is it one you’d like to tell? If not, how can you make better story decisions?”  One day, I’ll tell my story.  One day, I’ll tell it proudly.


2 thoughts on “One day, I’ll tell my story.

  1. Nice Photo! Salatin? He will be speaking in Temecula at Permaculture Voices along with a large number of other guest including Michael Pollan. Wrong end of the country for you nowadays.

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