The Back Story

(for new readers regarding the events of late 2013)


In late September 2013, I went on a camping trip in the Utah backcountry with one of my best friends.  Upon our return to civilization, I suffered from some “breakthrough” seizures and was taken to the emergency room at a Denver hospital.

The seizures were intense enough that I entered into a life-threatening condition called status epilepticus , in which the brain is in a state of persistent seizure.  I was sedated, placed on a ventilator and subsequently admitted into the hospital.  I spent several days in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit.

Prior to the event and hospitalization, I had been working as a Project Coordinator on a temporary assignment based out of Austin, since August 2013.  The project was to last approximately 6-8 months.  Taking this position and working on this project was the first of many steps towards the next phase of my life.  I had a plan, I was meeting goals, I was making things happen.

Then…I regained consciousness in the emergency room of a Denver hospital.

Molecular Thoughts

After being discharged from the hospital in Denver, I returned “home” to live with my parents, recover and try and figure out what the next step was.  For three weeks following this incident, I was able to work remotely from their house and actively managing my accounts remotely – while working on determining the next step with my current supervisor.

The next step for me was to begin a medical leave of absence.  This would give me the time and the opportunity to get my life back in order.  At this time, I had possessions in three different states and no home.

In a matter of a few days and weeks, I went from feeling like a successful Project Coordinator with my life in order to living in my parent’s spare room with nothing but the possessions I had taken with me to Utah.

I could not drive.  I could not work.  I quickly realized that life is truly lived on life’s terms.  Regardless of the plans that we make, we must always prepare for those plans to be changed by a power higher than ourselves.

Over the next few months, I began working with the Human Resources Department with the company I work for.  The people within the HR department have been very helpful in assisting me with gaining a better understanding of the situation that I am in and the options that I have.

(end of backstory – written on 01/01/14)

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