I’ve been meaning to do this…

I’ve been meaning to do this…

…no, really.  This has been on my “to-do list” for quite some time.

Updating this blog has been on my mind for months.  I first my desire to get “caught up” on my blog around July / August.  At that time, the busy spring season was starting to slow and I began getting caught up on many things work and life.  July / August quickly turned into August / September.   Before I knew it, September was over and we were all getting ready for Halloween.

Even then, I was beating on myself because I was falling behind on my personal blog.  It wasn’t until today when I finally sat down to write that I realized that my last Nameless Wayfarer blog post was in March, but I did write several other articles in the meantime for an online magazine I write for called Brink of Freedom.  You can see the articles here:

As I previously mentioned, until today…where I sat down to write, because of the repeat kicking myself for not writing…which has taken place for months.  Today, I pause and realize that I actually had been writing.  It took a shift in perspective to understand this.  Perhaps this is part of the reason that this very topic has been a big part of my writing for Brink of Freedom.

Without expanding on that more than I already have, I am writing this post as more of a “check in” post.  It’s a quick post to get myself back in the habit of writing in 25 minute blocks (Pomodoro-style) and actually sitting down to *do* something rather than just thinking about it.  So here we go…in addition to the writing above, a number of other things have taken place since March.

Besides the busy spring, it has been the best and most profitable year for the tree farm I work for.  Moreover, the farm I work for had their best and most profitable year from Farmer’s Market sales as well.  After attending the Permaculture Voices Conference (PV1) last year, I returned to Ohio to organize a Permaculture Meetup group in my local community.  Within 6 months, we had approximately 50 members in the group with a core group of about 6 people that are regular attendees and have been to multiple single and multi-day events we have organized.

During all this time, the dream of starting a permaculture-based business materialized and started to take shape.  I performed my first consultation as a Certified Arborist in August and upsold a landscape design at the same time.  Within a few months I delivered a proposal to the customer and they put a deposit down for the second-tier design package that I offered.

I also was able to work with a neighbor and the farm I manage to secure plant material based on their needs and effectively became a small-scale nursery dealer.  Shortly after looking into licensing by the state to be a certified nursery dealer, I attended several additional permaculture workshops and conferences and have continued down the permaculture worm hole.

That’s it folks, one Pomodoro of writing.

Stay tuned.

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